Engage with customers digitally on their terms

It's time to bring each step of the buyer's journey into the digital age. Presentek can help you modernize information delivery, customer-facing business processes, and more.

Are you facing these challenges?

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Are potential customers being overwhelmed with too much static information?

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Do your buyers have access to effective interactive tools to research your products and services?

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Are you struggling with maintaining your website, modernizing your web presence approach, or improving online customer experiences?

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Digital Stories

Engage customers with interactive digital stories and content.

Today's customers don't have time to wade through multiple pdfs or text-heavy website pages to get to know your product or service. Instead, give viewers a way to quickly breeze through the big picture, support reps presenting to customers, and make yourself memorable with digital storytelling.

Presentek can help you reimagine how you introduce offerings to potential buyers and cultivate customer relationships. Our digital stories are designed to be modern, succinct, and layered — with a fluid display of content that includes motion graphics, video content, and visual effects.

  • Attract potential customers in the awareness stage with modern, easy-to-digest digital content that's memorable and accessible via web browser.
  • Help buyers get the message quickly, and include expanded information in areas of interest where needed.
  • Transform your existing content into an effective digital story that better facilitates the buying journey, or develop a complete digital story from scratch.

Interactive Tools

Offer buyers online tools to research your offerings.

Want to separate yourself from the pack? Today's customers are increasingly looking for immersive, interactive, self-serve tools to help them research your products and services.

Presentek can help you make it easy for a buyer in the consideration stage to research how you can add value and address their needs. We'll work with you to design, build, and maintain the exact online tool your customers need during the buying process.

  • Empower customers to self-serve their research needs with assessment tools, calculators, widgets, and more.
  • Develop user-friendly online tools for dynamic information delivery.
  • Enhance the user's experience with thoughtful UI/UX design.

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Application Development

Shift business processes online to serve customers better.

In today's digital world, your customers expect user-friendly online business processes. Don't risk turning off buyers with half-baked digital applications — or worse, no online options at all.

Presentek's application development expertise can help you reach customers with digitized business processes. We'll help you every step of the way — from strategizing and branding to business development strategies, concept prototyping, and your pitch to management and stakeholders.

  • Conceptualize and build online applications to address business strategies and requirements.
  • Trade "landlocked" legacy business processes for modern, user-friendly applications that improve the customer experience.
  • Develop hosted/cloud-based applications to support product and service demos for customers.

Website Services

Launch or modernize your web presence to improve the digital customer experience.

A stellar web presence is a must in today's business landscape — but it can be difficult to take on all the research, planning, designing, writing, coding, updating, and analyzing on your own.

Whether you need to build your website from the ground up or need to support your existing web presence, we can help. Presentek can handle every step of the process — from concept to interface design to launch to ongoing analytics and service.

  • Add new web landing pages to support customer research, advertising, social media, or demand gen.
  • Create dedicated, mobile-friendly, specialty purpose web assets and customer experiences that can be added to enhance the corporate site.
  • Understand important page metrics while freeing up time to focus on what you do best.

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