It's time for a more effective sales playbook

Are you struggling to keep your sales playbook PDF up to date?
Want your sales teams to actually use the information you provide?

What is a digital sales playbook?

A sales playbook is your company's go-to guide for best practices, policies, and procedures focused on preparing sales reps to be successful in all stages of the selling process.

A digital sales playbook brings those strategies into an interactive online platform, so your team has easier access to all the content they need to be prepared.

An effective digital sales playbook is...

  • Always current
  • Interactive and dynamic
  • Highly visual and intuitive
  • Easy for sales reps to navigate
  • Flexible / customizable for different selling channels
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Does this sound familiar?

You've spent a ton of time and energy on:

  • Determining customer pain points, markets, and trends
  • Assessing your competition
  • Developing best practices for approaching prospects
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats throughout the sales cycle
  • Aggregating all that information into a playbook that is supposed to guide your sales team to repeatable success

But if the resulting playbook has so much information that it's too long, your sales reps will struggle to read it — let alone use in their sales process.

There's a better way

Keep it simple

Instead of a thick pdf playbook with multi-page index, offer your reps an intuitive and user-friendly playbook that they can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Presentek's digital playbook tool can help you provide simple sales enablement that moves deals forward. Remember trading card games? Everything your sales team needs is organized into highly visual content cards with links to your sales content material — which can be stored anywhere — for a more convenient sales process.

Offer bite-sized information

Information overload usually does more harm than good, especially for new salespeople. Highly visual, bite-sized information is more user friendly and makes it easy for your entire sales team to find what they need... fast.

Presentek can help you plan and create a sales and marketing playbook that makes it easy for sales reps to find what they're looking for — without getting overwhelmed by extra information they don't need. Because it's simple to organize, you can easily group content by focus, such as:

  • Solutions
  • Marketing Content
  • Demos
  • The Ideal Buyer, Prospecting, and the Buying Process
  • Success Stories
  • Personalization
  • Dealing with Objections / Alternatives
  • Closing / Onboarding
  • And more!

Empower your team to send playbook information to both prospects and existing customers via email — or create a collection of targeted content and send as a link through LinkedIn messaging, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.

Bring sales and marketing teams together with consistent information

"Landlocked" reference guides are not only hard for sales reps to navigate, they're also difficult to keep current. When it's time to add new information or update existing content, a digital sales and marketing playbook is much more flexible.

When you create an online sales playbook with Presentek, you don't have to worry about outdated versions of materials being used by mistake. Updates made to this living document are available to everyone subscribed to that content feed — so your entire team will always have the latest and greatest information on all your product offerings. Plus, your teams get notified about new and updated marketing messaging, sales plays, and supporting content.

How much does it cost to put together a digital sales playbook?

It depends on 3 main factors –

Question 1: What information do you need to include?

Playbooks can attempt to cover everything in the sales portfolio for every type of customer or be extremely focused. Aiming a playbook to a specific industry, type of customer, product, or problem can be a manageable place to start if you’re building from scratch. Another consideration is whether your playbook will focus inward on training, knowledge transfer, and coaching or focus outward on customer engagement.

Question 2: Who are the people who will use it?

Who is the playbook for? Is it for new reps only or for all reps? Is it for sales leaders and front-line sellers alike? Is it for third-party partners or just your own people? Maybe it’s for an elite team or people who have passed a certain level of certification? Thinking through the number of users and who they are will shed light on the cost to deliver and support your playbook.

Question 3: Who will create and maintain the playbook?

There are several options, and they all can work. Here are the usual approaches:

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) – You can choose to put together a playbook yourself and handle all of the planning, data collection, playbook creation, roll-out, and analysis.
  • Use an Agency – Marketing agencies can create some or all of your playbook for you and provide related services.
  • Leverage Templates – Even though your playbook will be unique to your specific information and goals, playbook organization tends to fall into familiar patterns depending on the answers to questions 1 and 2. With a template approach, you can have your playbook staged and pre-built based on a few key inputs and then take it from there.

Presentek can support whichever approach is right for you — including a turn-key approach where our producers handle everything, from start to finish, and coach you through the process.

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Flipdeck analytics

Gain helpful insights

Do you know how information is performing within your teams? What about how marketing content is performing once it's sent to customers during the buying process? Presentek's digital sales playbook online tool provides an insightful analytics dashboard, so you can answer these helpful questions:

  • Who is using our playbook?
  • Which content is actually being used by our sales teams?
  • In what areas can we improve our content strategy?
  • How can we better empower sales enablement and facilitate the customer journey?

A digital playbook can be tailored to your selling channels

With Presentek as your partner, your sales playbooks can easily adapt to serve the needs of your internal teams, external customers, channel partners, new hires, or anyone else.

Answer essential questions for seasoned sales pros:

  • What am I selling?
  • What do potential customers need as they move through the sales cycle?
  • Who is the competition?
  • What administrative or legal steps do I have to follow?

Offer additional support and more detail for new reps:

  • Links to onboarding materials
  • Coaching videos
  • Training on closing deals
  • Information on marketing objectives
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Introduce a new product or service to channel partners:

  • Training materials for new sales plays
  • Coaching on key messages, how to approach qualified leads, and moving deals forward
  • Expert advice, best practices, and new insights from top sellers
  • Case studies with real life examples of specific industry pain points

Provide feedback or motivation:

  • Sales performance tracking
  • Contest announcements and updates
  • Team goals and key performance indicators
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If your existing sales and marketing playbook isn't working well, it's time to pivot and rethink what is essential for your team. Presentek can help you determine what is essential to sales reps and help you give it to them a simple, modern, highly visual, and digital way.

For a DIY playbook solution, check out Flipdeck®

Flipdeck gives you the tools to create your own digital sales playbook from your existing resources.

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