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We created Flipdeck to directly address the market needs, gaps, and unnecessarily complex software we experienced firsthand when it came to organizing and sharing key information.

Flipdeck Makes it Easy

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Organize content on highly visual Flipdeck cards that link to where your information already lives — from websites and video platforms to cloud storage accounts.

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Share key information with team members, prospects, and customers in seconds — from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Curate content with Flipdeck Collections, communicate big ideas with Flipdeck Stories, track performance with Flipdeck Analytics, and more.

Flipdeck is Flexible

Our user-friendly approach is effective for all kinds of use cases:

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If you need to share content efficiently, Flipdeck is built for you:


When your content lives on visually consistent Flipdeck cards, it’s easy to locate information at-a-glance — no more wasting time digging through old emails or searching through an overfilled file repository. Save time and money with a visual front-end for your content that gives your entire team access to the latest and greatest. Best of all, as a cost-effective and low risk SaaS solution, Flipdeck can make a big impact on your workflow without blowing your budget.

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