Reimagine customer engagement with digital storytelling

Is your audience overloaded with too much information?

Simplify your message and how you present it

connected users

Attract potential customers with a memorable, easy-to-digest narrative.

message balloons

Help buyers get the message quickly, and easily expand in interest areas where needed.

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Give new life to existing content, personalize with ease, and share via web browser.

Flipdeck digital story on a computer

Engage your audience with big picture storytelling

Your marketing team has created great content, but you still have to decide how to deliver it.

Make the right choice... and it can lead to converted leads and successful sales efforts.

Make the wrong choice... and it can stall the buying journey and cool off potential customer engagement.

Most teams opt for “what we've always done” and drag customers kicking and screaming through slide after slide after slide. Sound familiar?

There's a better way. Capture customer interest with digital storytelling — and communicate your message in a simple, visual, and digital format.

Why interactive digital stories?

When you tell a story, there's a reason for the data. There's a big idea, an arc, and a solution to a problem. That's what's going to draw people into your content.

At Presentek, storytelling inspired us to create a more effective way to connect with customers. Instead of overloading your audience with too much information, present your content as a compelling, less-is-more narrative — and have your audience right there with you — with Flipdeck Stories™.

See an example Flipdeck Story.

Flipdeck makes it easy

Flipdeck is our SaaS solution that lets you organize links to your content visually on Flipdeck cards, so it's easy to find and deliver any kind of information to those who need it.

With our Flipdeck Stories functionality, it's easier than ever to capture customer interest and engage your audience with big picture content.

Flipdeck create story screen


  • Build your Flipdeck Story using our user-friendly template.
  • Add simple, visual panels that can contain text, images, links, videos (from YouTube and other services), infographics, and more.
  • Easily direct viewers to more info by adding Flipdeck Cards and Collections with direct links to key information.
Flipdeck story customization screen


  • Duplicate an existing Story in just a few clicks.
  • Make any changes you need to personalize the Story for different audiences — no need to recreate from scratch.
Flipdeck story copy url option


  • Flipdeck gives you a URL for your completed Story.
  • Send the URL directly to a client, publish on social media, link from your email or website, and more.
  • Choose to make your Story accessible to anyone with the link or enable password protection.
Flipdeck stories example


  • When the Story begins, viewers are presented with a full-screen view.
  • Subtle, visually interesting movements are baked in for increased engagement.
  • Jump around easily to different panels and topics with the automatically generated Story Summary index.

Try Flipdeck Stories for Free

We invite you to create an account and try Flipdeck free for 15 days — no credit card required — or visit to learn more about how Flipdeck can help your company organize and deliver content.

If you already have a Flipdeck account, simply login, navigate to the Stories tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard, and follow the prompts to create your first Story.

Full Flipdeck Stories access can be added to any plan or pricing option within the account Billing Portal.

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