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Great content isn't effective if it can't be found or simply isn't being used. Presentek can help you connect Marketing, Sales, and the customer with simple content organization, delivery, and analytics data to know what's working.

Are you dealing with these marketing challenges?

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Are you looking for modern, digital ways to deliver your message?

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Is it hard for your users to find content and use it effectively?

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Do you want to know what content is being used and how it's performing?

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Communicate with stories

Simplify marketing messaging with digital stories.

Marketing departments are spending huge dollars creating old-school slide presentations they hope that Sales will use to engage customers — but no one wants to read or listen to a lengthy presentation anymore. Plus... keeping bloated slide decks and speaker notes up-to-date is a challenge, especially once the decks have already been delivered.

Presentek can help you lighten the load on Marketing while engaging your customers and internal stakeholders. Transform your existing content into a highly visual, modular digital story that's easy to consume, maintain, and deliver. And if you don't have existing content to work with — or want a fresh start — we can help with that, too.

  • Free Marketing from the burden of constructing and maintaining an outdated presentation library with Presentek’s Flipdeck platform — our solution for addressing sales and marketing challenges with organizing and sharing key information.
  • Give your audience the succinct, highly visual, less-is-more content they crave — including video and images.
  • Keep it simple with big picture ideas and key context — plus the freedom for viewers to go deeper with additional details, if they wish.

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Deliver content effectively

Organize and feed great marketing content to whoever needs it.

Information that can't be found, or that is confusing, never gets used. Actually getting completed marketing content into the hands of the intended users often proves to be the weak link in the chain. If your great new asset is reduced to a file name in an intranet folder structure, with no guidance, team members will resist... and it will be forgotten.

Presentek can organize your existing content in a way that makes sense for your go-to-market strategy. We'll help you present content visually for easy access, provide context and coaching to remove user uncertainty, and make updates seamless and virtually automatic.

  • Easily deliver standardized, on-brand marketing content — while still giving Sales the freedom to offer a personalized experience to customers.
  • Seamlessly get your great content into the hands of whoever needs it — from training/education content for internal users to public-facing product/service information for external users.
  • Say goodbye to outdated versions of content by giving everyone easy, consistent access to the latest and greatest with Presentek’s Flipdeck platform.

Playbooks are just one example of how marketing content can be organized, but the right organization of content depends on you.

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Breathe excitement into your product launch kit.

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your new product, so why pin your success on a boring launch kit that’s just like the competition? Whether your launch kit is internal for sales reps or external for the end customer, you’re competing for your audience’s attention, buy-in, and action.

Presentek can help you stand out and put your best foot forward with a digital launch kit that’s easy to navigate, includes built-in analytics, and encourages your audience to buy in. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll provide you with a launch kit ready account on our Flipdeck platform, including our customizable Flipdeck Cards template.
  • Easily adapt the pre-loaded content (and create new content as necessary) to meet your launch needs.
  • Upload your logo and share your launch kit URL with whoever needs to access it — plus see the number of views and other helpful analytics.

Want a truly hands off solution? Presentek can handle everything for you from start to finish. With our launch kit creation service, we’ll provide you with a completely turn-key, finished, personalized digital launch kit.

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Measure Marketing ROI

Know how your content is performing.

Marketing budgets are certainly not infinite, so it's critical to know which content is being used and where engagement is coming from. After you launch a campaign, you expect to see Sales using those assets in a big way — but is that what's actually happening?

When you know what's working, you can do more of it. Presentek can give you the data and analytics insights to take out the guesswork — both for internal stakeholders and external customer relationships.

  • Know which content is seeing engagement by end-customers, which topics are trending, which campaigns are generating activity, and which sales team members are the most active.
  • Identify who your power users are, collect feedback, and use insights to make future content assets better.
  • Access ROI data and content delivery tools, all from Presentek’s Flipdeck platform — no need to juggle multiple solutions or move your content from where it already lives.

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