Equip your reps to sell digitally

Whether you sell direct or through dealers or channel partners, you can equip your reps to sell digitally and effectively use content from marketing.

Do you have any of these SALES challenges?

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Are your sales playbooks cumbersome, outdated or unused?

binders of content

Can your reps find the content they need to progress sales conversations toward the close?

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Do your reps have the guidance to know how to apply the right content to the right opportunity?

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Digital Sales Playbooks

Ditch the bloated PDF for a digital sales playbook.

A playbook packed so full of knowledge and guidance that it turns into a lengthy PDF that none of your sales reps want to read — let alone use in their selling process — isn't helpful. It's even less helpful if you struggle with keeping it up to date.

Presentek can help you pivot your existing resources to create a more effective sales playbook — a living document that's truly digital, interactive, and "always on". Put the content reps need to close business, impress during sales calls, and provide value right at their fingertips.

  • Trade the "landlocked" pdf for bite-sized information that's user-friendly and easy to update.
  • Create a digital playbook tailored to your selling channels.
  • Answer essential questions and provide extra support to reps who need it.

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Sales Content Delivery

Simplify how sales content is organized, accessed, and shared.

When sales reps spend valuable time searching for the latest content, that's less time for nurturing customer relationships — if they can even find the right content at all. Customers interested in buying your products/services are looking for quick answers to their questions and research needs, and timely information can make all the difference.

Presentek's solution can give your reps, dealers, and channel partners a quick and easy way to find and distribute information, so you can keep the sales process personal and moving forward.

  • Quickly organize, package, and share the right content at the right time.
  • Drive sales with easy access to important content, from anywhere.
  • Maintain consistency with centralized content updates and new/updated resource notifications.

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Sales Enablement

Educate, coach, and enable your sales reps.

Organizing your content in a user-friendly way makes a world of difference, but it's only half of the equation. Your reps also need to know what to use, when, and why.

Our solution makes it easy to provide education and coaching to your reps — in the same place they go to for the latest sales materials. Give them the confidence to know not only where to find the right content, but also how and when to use it effectively.

  • Ensure everyone is on the same page with personalized education and training.
  • Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing department with content coaching.
  • Easily announce training events, certification requirements, sales contests, and more.


Flipdeck is our SaaS solution that lets you organize links to your content visually on Flipdeck cards. Then it's easy to find and deliver any kind of content to those who need it.

With Flipdeck:

  • You'll know which content is working and which is not.
  • You won't waste money generating content that isn't working.
  • Your product marketing team is free to do what they do best, instead of responding to content questions.

Visit Flipdeck.com to learn more or initiate a free trial.

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